Notts Fire & Rescue crew free motorists from flooded Rufford road


Nottinghamshire Fire & Rescue have rescued stranded motorists who attempted to drive through a flooded road near Rufford Abbey.

The driver ran into trouble at the notorious troublespot of Rufford Ford this morning, as heavy rainfall continues to cause problems around the county's waterways.

A Fire & Rescue team was called to the scene and released three people from the vehicle.

The water was at bonnet height and firefighters used water rescue kit and lines. They provided first aid and left casualties in the care of East Midlands Ambulance Service.

Fire & Rescue station manager Nicola Bottomley said: "Please think about where you are driving, don't take unnecessary risks and, where possible, adhere to road signs that are there for your protection."

Elsewhere, the A617 near Rainworth is closed in both directions up to the A614 Old Rufford Road junction due to a mudslide.

A spokesperson for Nottinghamshire Fire & Rescue said: "We are taking numerous calls of vehicles and occupants getting trapped in flood water.

"Do not ignore any Road Closed or Flood signs. They are there for a reason. Please find an alternative route."