Notts: Council offer young carers extra support

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People interested in becoming young carers are being urged to come forward by Notts County Council.

There are an estimated 4,700 young carers in the county, but according to the authority, the ‘stigma’ of caring may be stopping others from taking on the role.

The county council hopes that by demonstrating how it has been able to assist young carers it works with across the county, through family support and personal budgets, others who need help may come forward.

Eleven-year-old Thea Hallam and her family have praised the support she receives from Notts County Council as a young carer.

Thea’s seven-year-old sister Orla was born with 22q13 Deletion syndrome, also known as Phelan-McDermid Syndrome (PMS) which affects around 1,000 people worldwide. Orla also has Epilepsy and she is reliant on carers and has a limited understanding of the world and has a condition called Pica which means she tries to eat inedible objects. Coun Liz Plant, committee vice-chairman of the children and young people’s committee at Notts County Council, said: “It continues to be a challenge to identify young carers. These young people report that there is often a stigma of caring which sets them apart from other young people. We must do all we can to challenge that stigma, remove these barriers and highlight how we are able to help them.”

Young carers can access support via a referral to the Targeted Support Service through the Early Help Unit by calling 01623 433500.

If a young person only wishes to access a Young Carers funding assessment, contact the Notts County Council customer service centre on 0300 5008080.