Notts: Council could save £178,000 by shredding leaflets

Guardian News
Guardian News

Plans to cease production and distribution of the council’s quarterly newspaper County News and the annual Council Tax leaflet are being considered.

The publications, which are normally sent through 346,000 letter boxes across the county, could be scrapped to save Notts County Council £178,000.

They would be replaced by an annual guide featuring event listings, councillor details and budget and service information.

Separate guides aimed at older people and families and an events leaflet at key times of the year could be created.

Residents are also being encouraged to access more news and information on council services via the Notts County Council website, email alerts and social media.

The plans will be considered by the council’s policy committee on Wednesday 16th October.

“We are planning to target our limited resources more effectively to communicate with local residents given the current budget constraints we are facing with reduced Government grants and increasing demand for key services,” said Council leader Coun Alan Rhodes.

“As more people are using the internet for news and information we are encouraging residents to access our publications, guides and service information online.

“We are introducing an annual guide which will be delivered to all local households to keep them informed about our services and events, how we are spending their Council Tax and how they can contact their local councillor.”