Notts: Conservatives hit out at county council budget cuts

Kay Cutts
Kay Cutts

Conservatives councillors have hit out at the budget proposals unveiled by Notts County Council today (Tuesday).

The Labour-controlled council has unveiled plans to make savings of £154 million over the next three years.

They claims they have been forced to make the proposals because of ‘devastating’ Government cuts to the money it provides for local services.

Council leader, Alan Rhodes, said they had inherited a £133 million deficit from the previous Tory-controlled administration.

Proposals include raising Council tax and cutting around 800 jobs.

Coun Kay Cutts, lead of the council’s Conservative group, said: “This is a budget the Labour administration tried to keep hidden before the county election. They knew they would have to find at least £133 million in savings if they gained control, yet they made extravagant spending plans they could not afford and it is the public who now pay the price.”

“Council tax is set to rise, hitting the poorest hardest. Potholes on our roads will not be repaired and highway surfaces will degenerate, a false economy which will see insurance claims increase.”

“Our youth services are being attacked and our libraries reduced, breaking Labour’s election pledge to modernise and improve them.”

“Labour claimed they would make jobs, skills and training their priority, yet today they reveal hundreds of jobs will be lost. They deceived the electorate.”

“They still don’t get it. A few weeks ago they were voting to increase the council wage bill and the cost of that decision has gone up since then. It makes a mockery of (Labour leader) Councillor Rhodes’ claim to watch every penny they spend.”

Coun Reg Adair, Conservative spokesman on finance and property, said: “Today we see the direct result of 13 years of Labour Government and 28 years of the Labour controlling Notts County Council.”

“After 2009 Conservatives froze council tax and started tackling this appalling legacy, but our good work is being undone immediately.”

“For the past four years we were honest with the public about the challenges facing this council and the efficiency measures required. Labour councillors spent that time claiming our changes were unnecessary, but today their deceit is laid bare for all to see.”

“It beggars belief that Labour still have the nerve to blame the current Government for the cost of their mistakes.”

“In 2008 we had the worst recession in modern times brought on by Prime Minister Gordon Brown spending more than the country was earning.”