Notts: Commissioner is first to wear new offender tag

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Police and Crime Commissioner Paddy Tipping was first in line to be tagged at the start of a new scheme in Notts aimed at discouraging offenders from committing further crimes.

The Commissioner wore the locational GPS tag throughout this week to highlight Notts Police’s official launch of this latest crime-fighting technology.

“It means that officers will be able to monitor offenders who have been released into the community, and know their whereabouts at all times,” said Mr Tipping.

“Trials already conducted by the force have shown that tagging leads to fewer crimes, fewer victims and less cost to the taxpayer.”

“Results of a three-month trial strongly suggest that use of the tags will be a win-win move, keeping offenders on the straight and narrow when they first rejoin the community and helping them to establish law-abiding patterns that will encourage them to steer clear of crime in the longer term.”

Notts Police say that GPS tagging means officers can overlay offender movements with crime patterns which can support real time location and arrests.

Sheila Wright, deputy chief executive of Notts Probation Trust, said: “Together with our partners, we welcome GPS tagging as another effective tool in the fight against crime.”

“We fully support the use of new technology and innovation such as this to help manage offenders, reduce re-offending rates and make Notts a safer place.”