Notts: Abbeyfield Society becomes a Living Wage employer

Abbeyfield Society chief executive Natasha Singarayer
Abbeyfield Society chief executive Natasha Singarayer

An important new benchmark was set for Notts care employers this week when the Abbeyfield Society was formally recognised as the first UK-wide elderly care provider to pay the Living Wage.

The charity, which directly employs more than 1,600 people throughout the UK, is now paying at least the national Living Wage rate of £7.65 and to all its directly employed staff.

“Paying fairly brings massive rewards for employers”, said Natasha Singarayer, Chief Executive of the Abbeyfield Society.

“Our workers tell us that it makes them feel valued, and because of that, they are prepared to go that extra mile for our residents.”

“Our retention rates are much higher than the care sector norm and this is making a real difference to people’s lives.”

“This is a big deal for Abbeyfield but also an important marker for the care sector overall.”

“Caring for the over 65s should be a role that people aspire to and the Living Wage is a key part of that. “

“We are proud to stand up and be counted as a Living Wage employer and urge all the other care employers in this region to sign up today.”

Living Wage Foundation director, Rhys Moore added: “Abbeyfield’s accreditation as a Living Wage employer is a huge step for the care sector.”

“We hope that the leadership they have shown will encourage others in this industry to consider how they support low-paid employees.”

“The best employers are voluntarily signing up to pay the Living Wage now. “

“The Living Wage is a robust calculation that reflects the real cost of living, rewarding a hard day’s work with a fair day’s pay.”

As well as its workers in London and across the UK, Abbeyfield is also committed to roll out the Living Wage to its contractors and affiliated member societies as soon as possible.