Nottinghamshire’s ‘snow routes’ gritted for first time this winter

Guardian News
Guardian News

NOTTINGHAMSHIRE County Council gritted the county’s ‘snow routes’ on Thursday night for the first time this winter.

The decision to extend the usual gritting routes followed the wet weather of recent days and a forecast of freezing temperatures.

Snow routes are those which are only usually treated in snowy conditions, but which, if treated, will offer greater assistance to drivers.

Typically, they are additional main routes into and out of villages and industrial estates to help them stay open during prolonged bad weather.

The County Council has the capacity to store a total of 22,000 tonnes of salt, with around 18,000 tonnes currently in stock.

Coun Richard Jackson, Committee Chairman for Transport and Highways at Nottinghamshire County Council, said: “We have learned a lot in recent years from bad weather in the winter and are in a strong position to deal with any prolonged cold spell.

“We have large stock piles of salt and are determined to keep the county on the move again this winter.”

Details of the County Council’s gritting and snow routes can be found on the council website: www.nottinghamshire.gov.uk