Nottinghamshire MEP speaks out against fracking at Clumber Park

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Nottinghamshire’s Labour MEP, Rory Palmer, has spoken out against plans by INEOS to press ahead with seismic surveys in Clumber Park.

He has also pledged his support to campaigners fighting to prevent shale gas fracking in the park.

Mr Palmer, who grew up in Worksop and worked at the park during his school holidays, has intervened following the National Trust’s decision to withdraw opposition to preliminary survey work after a legal battle with the multinational chemical company, INEOS.

Speaking in the European Parliament in Brussels, he said: “Clumber Park is a wonderful place, a historic part of the Dukeries countryside, a place of significant natural beauty and habitat, including designated sites of special scientific interest. I went there on days out as a child; and it’s now where I take my young daughters. Now INEOS wish to carry out seismic surveys for shale gas in the park.

“I ask INEOS to think again on this and not to compromise the natural beauty and important wildlife habitats in Clumber. And I also speak to give my ongoing support to the National Trust in their work to prevent fracking in Clumber Park.

“I don’t believe the many, many people who visit and enjoy Clumber want to see fracking take place there and nor do I. It would be devastating to see fracking in Clumber and I will do all I can, alongside others, to prevent it.

“I will be requesting a meeting with INEOS CEO, Jim Ratcliffe, to discuss this matter at the highest level within the company. I will also continue to work alongside local campaigners and Labour’s front bench team to ensure that sensitive areas like Clumber Park are protected.”