North Notts College Blog: Making music videos as part of Creative Media Production course

Creative Media student Rebecca Hume writes about video projects she and her fellow students are working on this term.

At this point in the 2nd term of the 2013/2014 academic year here at NNC, we are working hard at completing assignments for our on-going projects.

The second year students are working hard at making their own Music Videos.

Soon to begin filming, we’ve almost completed pre-production, which consisted of, firstly, creating an ideas page from scratch.

Then we moved on to writing a proposal for our selected idea, after which we moved on to working out the timing for each lyric line, as timing is most important when making a music video. As part of pre-production we’ve also drawn up a storyboard, from start to finish.

Other elements of pre-production included working out a production schedule, completing risk assessments and gaining consent from casting members. As I mentioned, we, the second year students, are due to start filming week commencing the 3rd March.

As there are many projects we have to get through, at the moment we’re currently working on two other projects, one of which is Film and Video Editing.

The Film and Video Editing unit, although it may look the easiest on paper is still quite difficult. The purpose of the project is to create a short film, approximately ten minutes long, which in an entertaining way, should convey the development of editing, the purpose of editing and the techniques and conventions, which editing holds. In groups, we were set the task of creating a ten-minute script, which held all of this information.

The scripts have all just been completed and next week, the 3rd March, we are due to start filming our short films. After which are complete, each individual student shall edit the film separate from their group; therefore, we will have three different edits of the scripted film.

The final project the second year students are working on is Critical Approaches to Creative Media Products. So far both projects have been mostly practical, however, we have to complete several theory units throughout the year and Critical Approaches is our second term theory project. As the second term is coming rapidly to an end, we are about to begin our last assignment of the project.

Each assignment has been different; whether that was because of the content or way we present our theory. The first assignment was surrounding films; set-up to choose two films and collect research from surrounding people with the task of finding the target audience to both of those films. Using questionnaires, interviews and box office figures from data gathering agencies, we had to write an audience profile for each of our chosen films.

The second assignment was surrounding Magazines, deciding to either work individually or in pairs, we chose a magazine to analyse and focused on the way the magazine addressed the audience, how they gained audience feedback and the strengths and weaknesses of such magazine. Once we had fully analysed our magazine/s, we were asked to create a PowerPoint, which we are due to present later in the current term.

The third assignment, which will soon be completed, was surrounding Video Games. Similarly to the second assignment, we were asked to analyse two video games, gain feedback through questionnaires and interviews, except instead of presenting our findings in a PowerPoint, we are creating a typed report for each game, which explains the matching audience theory and the responses we received from the feedback.

To gain opinions on maybe one of the most controversial questions around the video game industry, do video games cause violence; we had a debate. We separated into two divisions and identified the Pros and Cons of video games.

Moving on from our projects, the first year students are currently working on their student magazine called Pick N Mix. Each individual is to write an article for the magazine, which will be distributed around North Notts College.

Alongside their magazine project, the students are working on the Multi-Camera Production project, which is otherwise known to us as ‘Strictly Learn to Dance’. As the second years did last year, the first years are completing pre-production and then will record the live charity event in Retford on Friday 28th March. The recording is not only important to the students and their grades but also to the participants of Strictly Learn to Dance who will receive a DVD of their special night.

The projects we work on here at North Notts are interesting and enjoyable. We learn about all the different media industries and how they work, whilst getting to do the practical things, such as filming and editing. If you want to know more about the Creative Media Production course, you can email Liz or Darren, the course tutors, with any questions about the next academic year.