No problem with CCTV

SOME people don’t let the true facts get in the way of a good moan.

Take what happened last week, for example. Loads of Worksop parents got into a rabid frenzy of indignation on Facebook after it was revealed that CCTV was being installed in the toilets at Valley Academy.

What they all seemed to overlook was the salient point that the cameras would be focused solely on the area around the sinks.

But the way some people were going off you would think the school were streaming a live feed of the urinals and cubicles straight onto the internet.

What’s wrong with monitoring the sinks? If the kids aren’t doing anything they shouldn’t, what’s the problem?

I’ve been in toilets where there’s been CCTV, and if anything I’ve felt reassured.

It seems to be a growing trend that parents lash out at schools at any given opportunity, automatically taking the side of little Tyler or Madison, whether they are in the wrong or not.

That would never have happened in my day.