Nine Nottinghamshire words that nobody else understands

Clumber Park (Photo: Sophie Wills)
Clumber Park (Photo: Sophie Wills)

We’ve compiled a list of some words that us Nottinghamshire folk use every day, but can leave others slightly baffled.

1. Fuddle: As in a “good fuddle”- a good spread or buffet, to which everyone brings a delicious food item.

2. Nebbeh: Nosy. As in, “What you nebbin’ at?” A phrase usually used by moody Dads and Granddads.

3, Corsey: Pavement. “Stay on t’ corsey, or yer’ll get hit by a car!”

4. Blortin’: Crying. “What yer blortin’ for?”

5. Cob: A round bread roll. Known for sparking heated debates as this is different depending on which county you go to.

6. Sweatin’ cobs: Not actually about food, for once. But rather, “It’s very warm.”

7. Snap: Lunch. What “snap” have yer got in your tupperware today?

8. Piggle: To pick at something, usually a scab. “Stop pigglin’ at it!”

9. Silin’: Raining. As in, “It’s silin’ it dahn!”

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