New restaurant says social media has been the key to its early success

Andrew Papadamou and Hayley Louise Smith
Andrew Papadamou and Hayley Louise Smith

The owner of a new restaurant in Gainsborough has credited social media for the success of its first month.

Gainsborough’s latest bar and grill eatery, Adam’s Bay, has been fully booked most evenings since the rebrand.

Founder and restaurant owner, Andrew Papadamou, credits the good start with a combination of the new restaurants experience but more so the impact on the restaurant has had on social media channels.

Andrew said: “We have been delighted with the success of the restaurant during the first month.

“In this day and age, social media plays such a vital part in any business activity, especially the food industry.

“It obviously has its risks as you open yourself up for comment, directly in front of the relevant audience, whether it be positive or negative.

“Thankfully the rebrand has been well received, and the dinners are enjoying the restaurant experience. Diners take to social media to talk about their experiences and it is important that they are thanked for our custom by creating other opportunities.”

As part of the restaurant launch activity, Adam’s Bay offered £50 credit via a competition ran on Facebook which was won by Hayley Louise Smith.

At Adam’s Bay, until Sunday, October 30, children eat free as part of a Halloween special.

For more information and offers find Adam’s Bay on Facebook.