New library opening times

Retford Library (w110301-7a)
Retford Library (w110301-7a)

NOTTS County Council has published revised opening times for local libraries at the same time it unveiled a new book sharing scheme.

Retford Library has had its opening hours slashed from 57 hours to 49 hours.

The opening times will come into effect from Monday 4th April and comes as the council agreed a new scheme that will enable residents to donate books to any of the county’s 60 libraries.

Over 17,000 people took part in the council’s consultation which invited them to vote on one of three opening hours options proposed for their local library.

“The message we have received loud and clear from people across Nottinghamshire is ‘we value our local library’,” said coun John Cottee, Cabinet Member for Culture and Community.

“Unlike many councils across the Country we are committed to keeping all of our libraries open. Although libraries will see some reduction in their opening hours, for many of our busier libraries this will be as little as four or five hours a week. In many cases this means that they are open for the same number of days, but may open a little late or close a bit earlier. When planning the revised opening hours we have looked at when each of our libraries is busy, asked our library users for their views and looked across the county to ensure that libraries near to each other will not be closed at the same time, as people can take out loans and return items to any county council library.”

“We also looked at people’s comments and tried to work the opening times around their needs.”

“The county council is working with local communities to establish how they might want to actively enhance the core library services in these small libraries. In addition we have invested an extra £70,000 in funding to enable smaller libraries to stay open for longer.”

Meanwhile books that are less than three years-old and in good condition can be donated to any of the county’s 60 libraries.

Items not measuring up or added to library stock will be included for sale at one of the libraries’ scheduled book sales or possibly offered to third parties such as charity shops. Income generated will be re-invested in the book fund, the council’s budget used to buy new library books.

Coun Cottee added: “Book donations are a good example of how we can be more resourceful as an organisation in what is a challenging financial climate. So although we are reducing the money we spend on new books next year, I am hoping this will just be for one year and that we will be able to increase the budget the following year.”

Retford Library will go from 57 hours to 49 hours.

Monday - 9am-7pm to 9am-7pm.

Tuesday - 9am-7pm to 9am-6pm.

Wednesday - 9am-7pm to 9am-1pm.

Thursday - 9am-7pm to 9am-7pm.

Friday - 9am-4pm to 9am-4pm.

Sunday - remains closed.

Tuxford Library will go from 24 hours to 12 hours.

Monday - remains closed.

Tuesday - 2pm-7pm to 2pm-6.30pm.

Wednesday - remains closed

Thursday - 9.30am-5pm to now closed.

Friday - 2pm-7pm to 2pm-6pm.

Saturday - 9.30am-4pm to 9.30pm-1pm.

Misterton Library will go from 18.5 hours to 9.5 hours.

Monday - 2pm-7pm to now closed.

Tuesday - 2pm-7pm to 2pm-6.30pm.

Wednesday - remains closed.

Thursday - 2pm-7pm to 2pm-5.30pm.

Friday - remains closed.

Saturday - 9.30am-1pm to 9.30am-12.30pm.

Bircotes Library will go from 35.5 hours to 22 hours.

Monday - 2pm-7pm to 2pm-5pm.

Tuesday - 9am-5.30pm to 9.30am-5pm.

Wednesday - remains closed.

Thursday - 2pm-7pm to 2pm-7pm.

Friday - 9am-7pm to 9.30am-12pm.

Saturday - 9am-4pm to 9am-1pm.