New lease of life for park garden

Work has begun revamping the garden area behind Goodwin Hall in Retford’s Kings Park into a community garden.

The project is part of the continuing plan to restore and develop the park’s heritage feature and conservation areas.

“It is hoped that the restoration won’t only benefit existing users of the hall, but will also encourage potential new users and groups, like schools, into the park itself,” said Coun Mike Pugsley, who holds the Environment and Housing portfolio.

The work is supported by the Goodwin Hall Trust Committee as well as by both the Retford Civic Society and the Friends of Kings Park.

After consulting with all the user groups of the hall, The Retford Civic Society in partnership with the council and the Friends of Kinds Park, identified a need for a community garden within the park.

Working with a local landscape architect and Nottinghamshire County Council, detailed plans were drawn up for improvements to the arboretum feature, shrub borders, seasonal flowerbeds, lawns and furnishings. These incorporate a new patio-cum-seating area including a trellis feature and storage and composting bins to the rear of the building.

Coun Pugsley added: “The £63,000 funding for the improvements has come from Nottinghamshire County Council Local Improvement Scheme along with additional funding from Retford Civic Society and King’s Park trust fund.”

“We are expecting most of the construction works to be completed by end of December with planting of the garden to follow in the early Spring next year.”

“To promote the value of the garden local community groups and schools will be involved with the planting.”