Narrative verdict on man’s death

A POLISH man was found dead at home by his wife days after an alleged assault, an inquest heard.

Boleslaw Garbowski, of Cheapside, came to the UK seven years ago. He died on the 5th June 2012, aged 60.

An inquest held at Nottingham Coroner’s Court on Tuesday revealed Garbowski was a heavy drinker and had been involved in a scuffle days before his passing.

The court heard claims Mr Garbowski was punched to the head and had possibly fallen over and banged his head.

The alleged incident, which happened on 30th May while his wife was out of the country, was fully investigated by police.

PC Rebecca Widdle, based at Retford, took statements from all those involved, including a nearby shopkeeper.

She said his wife’s account wasn’t entirely consistent with the people who were there.

“They admit they were drinking substantial amounts with Boleslaw Garbowski prior,” she told the court.

“CCTV footage was negative.”

“We are not treating this death as suspicious and have no reason to believe there was any third party involvement.”

HM Coroner for Notts Mairin Casey found the scrap had no baring on his death.

“The circumstances surrounding the death of Boleslaw Garbowski raised initial question marks whether he may have suffered injuries from another person which may have led to his death.”

“The pathologist’s view is that any assault or physical exchange didn’t attribute towards the death and there was no physical evidence of the assault.”

“Boleslaw Garbowski died due to the combined effects of alcohol and drug ingestion which caused respiratory depression and death.”

A narrative verdict was recorded.