Mystery surrounds council clerk’s departure

Tania Barlow
Tania Barlow

Mystery surrounds the axing of a parish council clerk who left her post this week.

Tania Barlow, who has served on Warsop Parish Council for a number of years, left the council following a special meeting of members on Monday evening.

Mrs Barlow put her resignation in writing to the council last week, but withdrew it days later.

The council discussed the situation and it was put to a secret vote.

The majority of members voted to not accept the withdrawal of her resignation, and felt she should leave her job.

Councillor Andy Wetton, council chairman, said: “Tania tendered her resignation, she thought about it and four days later withdrew her notice.

“We considered it at a meeting where she spoke, and the council decided not to accept the retraction.”

Coun Wetton said the issue was a private matter and would not divulge the reasons behind her resignation.

He denied it was sparked by controversial comments reportedly posted on Facebook.

However, the decision to allow her resignation has led to Adrian Hardy quitting as a councillor.

Mr Hardy has even called for the resignation of Coun Wetton from his position on the council.

Mr Hardy said he refused to take part in what he described as a “pantomime” of a secret ballot and came out in support of Mrs Barlow.

He said: “It’s heartless, I myself have made it clear I will support Tania.

“I have no confidence whatsoever with Coun Wetton and hope he will do the decent thing and resign as parish councillor.”

In response, Mr Wetton said: “I certainly will not be resigning.

“The council acted in a proper manner and the decision was taken.”

Mrs Barlow was not available for comment.