Much more than just a coffee house

The Royal Coffee House, Worksop (w121002-12)
The Royal Coffee House, Worksop (w121002-12)

WALKING into the Royal Coffee House in Worksop’s Priory Centre was like stepping back in time. In a good way.

Back to a time when traditional home cooked food was served to your table by a waitress wearing a big smile.

At first glance the name coffee house could be misleading, because this place offers so much more.

Those who venture inside will find a tempting selection of drinks, snacks, sandwiches, hot meals and cakes.

I popped in on my lunch break and was astounded at the choice available.

The menu boasted everything from cheese toasties to a chilli con carne. Even sardines on toast.

There were baguettes, sandwiches, jacket potatoes, omelettes, soup of the day... but what really caught my eye was the all day breakfast for £4.40.

I should point out that once I had sat down I was approached by a friendly waitress who said she would give me a few minutes to choose what I wanted.

She returned, just at the right moment and took my order.

Sitting back and licking my lips in anticipation I looked around the cafe.

Several people were tucking into their plate-fulls. And I eyed-up the jacket spuds which looked fit to burst with filling.

Customers ranged from young families to older couples who had paused their shopping for a tea break. Costa was also getting a run for its money, as customers came in for takeaway hot drinks.

But it was the music and the decor that really took me back in time. Back to before I was born, in fact.

The swoonsome sounds of 1950s rock and roll classics played in the background. And as tapped my feet, I saw one sweet older couple holding hands across the table.

This romantic coffee stop has its regulars, who enjoy nothing more than a hot cuppa and a sit down in the traditionally decorated dining area.

Farmhouse kitchen is how I would describe it, with vintage plates on the wall and a single carnation on each table.

Anyway, more about the food. The service was quick. I waited no more than ten minutes before a big plate of steaming hot food was placed in front of me, along with a pot of earl grey tea (£2.15).

Bacon, beans, tomatoes, mushrooms and scrambled eggs adorned my plate. And buttery brown toast was thoughtfully served separate.

It was all cooked to perfection. The bacon was crispy - as I had requested - the eggs fluffy and the mushrooms melted in the mouth. Divine.

Admittedly, I wolfed the whole lot down. And was so tempted by the homemade cakes, I took away a choc chip muffin. The bill came to a reasonable £7.75. I won’t hesitate to go back again.

By Hayley Gallimore