MP calls for action at old Worksop recycling site in the wake of Rotherham fire

John Mann MP
John Mann MP

When I heard the news of the fire in Rotherham last Sunday evening I immediately thought of Worksop.

The fire was on a waste site, similar to the one on Sandy Lane a few years ago.

Undoubtedly, it rapidly grew due to the large amounts of waste material on the site.

It is a clear reminder of why the Trent Valley Recycling waste site has to be dealt with.

I have already managed to get waste removed from the site which resembled material that was used to clad Grenfell Tower and am continuing to work with all organisations including the Environment Agency, the Treasury, the district council and the county council to get this site cleared.

In my view this land should be put to good economic use and create jobs for local residents.

I am very concerned about changes the Government is proposing to make to childcare vouchers.

Studies are concluding that parents will be worse off under the new system and nurseries will not survive the impact and are facing closure.

Childcare is one of the biggest costs for young families and in today’s world most household incomes are reliant on both parents working.

The outcome will see local families getting poorer on the back of this and local childcare provision being squeezed.

If you are impacted by these changes please let me know.

The Bassetlaw food bank is reaching an important time of the year.

As the school holidays approach, the number of referrals to the food bank increase to the highest point in the year.

Unfortunately donations at this point are at their lowest.

The food bank is beginning to run short on jam, tinned potatoes/Smash, tinned macaroni, ravioli, spaghetti hoops, tinned carrots, tinned sweetcorn, tinned cold meats, stuffing, dilute squash, UHT milk, coffee, soap, shampoo and washing up liquid.

If you are able to donate anything please stop by my office on Stanley Street and I will take them to the food bank.