MEP shocked at ‘shameful’ levels of food poverty in the UK

Rory Palmer MEP
Rory Palmer MEP

Levels of food poverty in this country are shameful, writes Rory Palmer MEP.

I recently spent some time volunteering at Bassetlaw food bank in Worksop which is very busy in this period running up to Christmas.

Volunteers there are seeing demand going up as more and more people find it difficult to make ends meet.

This shouldn’t be the case in one of the largest economies in the world.

Like many other people I donate to local food banks and the volunteers at the food bank are true community heroes.

If you are able to donate a few items please do so.

Believe it or not, and even as a Member of the European Parliament, I too get fed up sometimes with Brexit.

The Govern-ment has still not put forward a deal that is acceptable not just to the House of Commons but, more importantly, to those who voted leave or remain.

We are at a critical deadlock and all options must be on the table to move things forward.

Let me know your views via

The European Parliament was sitting in Strasbourg when the dreadful terror attack took place recently.

I was with hundreds of other people at the Christmas markets minutes before the attack started.

We must never let these evil terrorists change our way of life.

The morning afterwards in Strasbourg people were thinking of the victims and their loved ones, but people were also resolute and determined.

I mention this because it gives me the opportunity to thank all of those who work to keep us safe every day and who run towards danger when these awful events happen.

The French emergency services were excellent and professional, just like all the emergency services here in Britain and I thank every one of them.

I am pleased the plans for a Nottinghamshire super-council have been dropped.

My view is that services must be run as close to local comm-unities as possible and the plans were bad for Worksop and north Nottinghamshire.

Finally, let me wish Worksop Guardian readers a very merry Christmas and a happy new year.