Megan Woodhouse

Dinno Lad Profile - Megan Woodhouse (w111109-5)
Dinno Lad Profile - Megan Woodhouse (w111109-5)

Every week we get a local member of our community to tell us a little bit about themselves for a community profile.

You might be reading about them for the first time, but they could as easily be someone you’ve already met.

This week Megan Woodhouse dropped in to give us her take on the Dinnington area.

Name: Megan Woodhouse.

Occupation: Student at Thomas Rotherham College.

Born and bred: Born in Handsworth, brought up in Dinnington.

What brought you to this area? My mum and dad moved here when I was three.

Life at the moment consists of? College, homework, cadets, seeing friends and boyfriend.

Nickname at school: Brickshed.

Childhood heroes: It was Peter Pan.

Hobbies: Cadets, art, reading and shopping.

First record/CD bought: Huge Hits 2000.

Favourite group/singer: Oasis or the Arctic Monkeys.

Most played CD at the moment: Arctic Monkeys.

Favourite film: Aladdin.

Favourite TV programme and character: Friends and Chandler Bing.

First car: I’ve not got one yet.

Who would you most like to meet? Peter Pan.

Ideal job would be: RAF photographer.

Pet hates: People scratching on material.

Personal faults: I daydream all the time.

I’m good at.....Being creative - art and media.

How would you like to see the Dinnington and Maltby area improve?

I would like to see more places for youths to sit, for example the wasteland across from Dinnington Primary School.

Dinno’s best bits are? The outdoor gym at Dinnington Resource Centre on Laughton Road.

Is it The Little Mester or Wee Willie? I’m not old enough to drink yet.

Personal plans and hopes for the future: To travel the world and to be happy.

Sheer bliss is? Chocolate. Kinder Bueno or Galaxy are my favourites - I just love it.