Meeting to discuss Anston council

Guardian News
Guardian News

A public meeting will be held next Wednesday 3rd July to address issues at Anston Parish Council.

It has been convened by Mr Phil Beavers, an independent member of Rotherham Council’s standards board.

Members of the public are invited to Anston Parish Hall from 6pm to discuss issues over councillors’ conduct.

No councillors or council officers will be present.

Residents are encouraged to discuss with Mr Beavers their expectations of parish councillors, so that he can then work with the parish council to further address any issues.

The meeting follows several complaints being submitted to the monitoring officer at RMBC.

Mr Beavers and deputy monitoring officer Stuart Fletcher attended a meeting of Anston Parish Council in February to discuss standards of member behaviour.

Some people have criticised the parish council for not advertising the meeting widely enough.

A notice appears on the council website under ‘What’s on in Anston’.