Mayor’s mischievous moggy account ‘not political’ says mystery Twitter user

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A mischievous social-media moggy has spoken out about setting up a parody account poking fun at Mansfield’s mayor, but says it’s not political.

The account Twitter - called Mayor Allsop’s Cat - was set up at the weekend and is causing quite a stir locally with its tongue-in-cheek remarks about living as Kate Allsop’s pet.

Recent posts by the cat have accused Mayor Allsop of being a true-blue Conservative, of looking like Deirdre Barlow’s mother Blanche from Coronation Street, and for overdoing it with ‘cheap perfume’.

The cat has also taken to social media to fume about its kitty treat budget being frozen, complain about being shut out in the snow, and criticise Mayor Allsop’s decision to ban Twitter at council meetings.

Having been contacted by the Chad through Twitter, the account holder - who has revealed their identity - said politics is not the motivation behind it.

They said: “I opened the account after seeing Mayor Allsop on TV at the weekend and felt some humour might be a great way of having some fun at the expense of local politicians who appear to be very full of themselves and constantly trying to self promote.

“The responses so far have been great and I hope people are taking this in the spirit it is intended.

“If anyone is ever offended I’d close the account straight away and to be honest I’d hope they would appreciate the attention.”

The user said they did not belong to a political party and thought they should ‘balance up’ the comments by targeting Labour members next.

“I’m hoping this will help engage some younger people in what is happening in Mansfield and what the pollies (politicians) are doing or not doing,” they added.

The Chad is still awaiting a response from mayor Kate Allsop about the account.