Marie is a weight loss champion once again

Marie Loosley has lost two stones in a year with Weight Watchers
Marie Loosley has lost two stones in a year with Weight Watchers

A Retford woman is celebrating after losing two stones in just a year with Weight Watchers.

Marie Looseley, 74, as been a member of Weight Watchers for many years and had initially reached her goal weight back in 2011.

But after visiting her favourite holiday destination of Australia last October, she got home to find her weight had crept back up to 11st 3lb – and she decided to act.

She said: “Having spent six lovely months with my daughter and granddaughters, eating out most days we all really enjoyed living the Australian life in the sun the experience was amazing and very enjoyable.

“However it started to have an impact on my weight loss journey and my weight and I started to gain unwanted pounds, leaving me feeling very uncomfortable in my holiday clothes.”

The weight gain was also affecting Marie’s health and she was feeling pain in her hips.

So back home in Retford, Marie joined her local evening class at Ordsal and started once again to lose weight at a healthy pace of up to 2lbs each week, completing a cancer charity walk in the process.

She then switched over the class at The Well Church in Retford under weight coach Debbie Waby.

Marie continued: “Debbie is such a lovely motivational coach and the meeting is so friendly and welcoming whilst providing structure for my weight loss.

“The motivation of fellow Weight Watchers also kept me on track as some weeks I would stay the same.

“Over the festive period I gained three pounds so I quickly returned to following the plan.

“I know tracking via the Weight Watcheers app ensured I stayed truthful to what I was consuming and taught me about portion control and nutritional values.

“Exactly one year from returning to Weight Watchers, I reached my goal of 9st 3 lbs and feel wonderful, my health has improved and I am now pain free in my hips.

“Most days now I often go walking to achieve my 10,000 steps target which I set myself.

“I am once again a Gold Member and so proud of what I have achieved “

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