Mansfield man assaulted officer who tried to stop him self-harming

Court latest
Court latest

A Mansfield man struggled with police officers, wrapped a makeshift noose around his neck in the cells and assaulted another officer, a court heard.

Police were called to an address on Mappleton Drive by Luke Siddon’s “sometime girlfriend” who asked them to remove him from the property, in the early hours of February 6.

Prosecutor Robert Carr said: “He was aggressive when they woke him up and the immediately tried to handcuff him.

“Mr Siddon tried to free his arms and tried to throw his head around. He looked as if he was trying to bite or headbutt the officers.”

As he was being taken to the police vehicle, Siddon spat in an officer’s face.

At Mansfield police station he was taken straight to the cells, where he tried to tie clothing around his neck.

“The detention officers had to remove the clothing from his grasp. Mr Siddon dashed to the door and kicked the officer,” added Mr Carr.

“He was flailing his arms and poked the officer in the eye.”

Mark Stocks, mitigating, said Siddon’s mental health problems had been aggravated by “consuming a considerable amount of drink.”

The court heard he he had struggled to cope with the deaths of three close friends and was homeless, and drinking heavily at the time.

He has since found secure accommodation and support from a housing team.

Siddon, 25, of Tideswell Court, admitted assault by beating and assaulting a police constable, when he appeared at Mansfield Magistrates Court, on Friday.

He was given a 12 month community order, with ten rehabilitation activity requirement days, and he will be placed on a three month curfew, from 9pm to 6am.

He was ordered to pay compensation of £100 to the PC and £100 to the detention officer.