Mann’s way or Subway

I’VE finally found a bandwagon that MP John Mann won’t be climbing aboard.

Last week’s Guardian told us that he won’t be backing Subway’s campaign to overturn the tax on hot sandwiches – despite leading the way when it came to the u-turn on the ‘Pasty Tax’.

Mr Mann says the sandwich makes are ‘trying it on’ and are ‘too late’ to the game with their tax complaint.

To me the two issues are one and the same, but it seems our local MP will only get behind a campaign if the time is right.

Perhaps the next time he’s after the public vote his slogan should be: “I will fight your corner if the BBC are likely to want to interview me about your problem” – it’s not catchy I know, but get a Labour think tank working on it and it will soon come good.

To me local politicians are there to fight injustice and go into battle on behalf of their local people, local businesses – not to pipe up when a microphone appears.

Come on John, when was the last time you had a BLT on honey oat bread, toasted with cheese?