Mann of the People: Thanking veterans but concerns over Parliament’s bill

John Mann MP
John Mann MP

Last Friday I hosted my annual veterans event which this year was held in the Titchfield Library on the Welbeck Abbey estate.

A total of 130 veterans came together to catch up and share memories in magnificent surroundings.

I would like to thank the Parente family for allowing the use of the Titchfield Library and the Welbeck Abbey Estate staff who helped prepare the library and helped with logistics on the day.

I would also like to say thank you to the local county and district councillors who donated to the event which helped pay for the catering on the day.

If you did not receive an invitation this year please email me at or call 01909506200 and I will ensure you are invited next year.

All veterans who are my constituents are welcome.

The refurbishment of the Houses of Parliament looks set to waste even more money than previously feared – a report last week suggested a £4 billion price tag and Parliament to close for six years.

These figures are often plucked out of thin air and I suspect the real cost could be even higher.

I have suggested saving billions by holding meetings of Parliament in conference centres and town halls up and down the country.

Bassetlaw could certainly do its bit by hosting in venues in the north perhaps even the underground ballroom at Welbeck Abbey.

In the meantime, do make sure you get to see Parliament while you can.

I was pleased to welcome another tour group down to Westminster this week – to be on the next one email me at or call 01909 506200.

Throughout my time as MP I have worked closely with charities and campaigners such as Oxfam and Avaaz to try and change our tax system to prevent large multinational companies which avoid paying their fair share of tax in the UK.

Last week, Parliament debated the Finance Bill which sets the Government taxation regulations for the coming year.

The Finance Bill presented MPs with a chance to force the Government to accept new rules that would require multi-national companies operating in the UK to disclose how much money they make on a country by country basis.

This is to prevent companies like Starbucks and Google claiming they actually make no money in the UK when it comes to declaring how much corporation tax they should pay.

The Government accepted this change and from now on major companies will have to be much more open and transparent in their operations.

This is a welcome move in the right direction but we need the Government to do more to ensure that collects the full amount of tax we are owed.

Thank you to the many local people who regularly contact me regarding tax avoidance.