Mann of the People: Have your say on breast care unit closure at public meeting

John Mann
John Mann

I have been contacted by many people regarding their concerns over the closure of the breast care unit and now more than 1,000 have signed the online petition.

Many have offered to help the campaign and many people want to know more.

I am organising a meeting on Thursday, September 1 at 6.30pm at The Crossing in Worksop and local people are very welcome to attend.

You can sign the petition by going onto my website at or there are paper copies available at my office.

If you want to collect signatures yourself please let me know on 01909 506200 and I will send you some forms.

As this column is published I should have climbed Mount Kilimanjaro which has taken five days to climb.

The climb is self-funded but through doing this I want to raise money to help fund the establishment of an armed forces covenant office in Bassetlaw, which will be the first of its kind in the country.

I’m very pleased and proud to work with Help for Heroes who in partnership with other voluntary veteran and ex-armed services organisations will run this new service for local people.

Thank you to everyone who has donated so far.

You can give your support by going onto my website or my Facebook page.

One of the big issues that is increasingly impacting on local people is the level and abuse and hostility freely published on social media.

I have met on many occasions with the internet companies, arguing about how they need to take more responsibility for some of horrendous things that are published on their platforms.

This has included visiting the headquarters of Facebook, Twitter and Google to press them on the issues.

I have assisted in getting changes that mean that they now co-operate properly with the police.

Unlike newspaper editors, who usually take a proactive stance against hostile postings, the internet companies still fail to take their responsibility seriously.

Their limited controls mean that their sites have been used to actively promote terrorist propaganda, horrendous bullying of individuals and almost casual and random abuse.

It is like water off a duck’s back for me, but if it isn’t challenged it emboldens people to then abuse others.

Cowards love the anonymity they think the internet gives and of course some of the worst stuff is sent when too much pop has been consumed.

Some of it is vile or puerile, some deliberately abusive but odd.

For example, a man from Brighton hoped that I would die on Kilimanjaro this week.

It was unclear whether it was me he hated, military veterans, or both.

My approach is and will continue to be is to challenge people whenever they put up such rubbish.