Mann blast for letters

John Mann
John Mann

Bassetlaw MP John Mann has criticised Coalfield Resources this week after a constituent complained that he had been asked to buy company shares.

The constituent discovered that he will lose thousands of pounds of fuel concessions.

The former miner explained: “I am struggling to work out how I am going to find the extra I will need to pay for my fuel each winter.”

“I have also been invited to a meeting in Doncaster – but was told I would not be allowed to voice my concerns.”

“I feel cheated as they agreed to withhold my fuel as normal this summer, knowing that I wouldn’t be getting any at all this winter.”

John Mann commented: “This shows an unacceptable lack of sensitivity.”

“I will continue to fight for former miners and widows who are set to lose their fuel entitlement.”

However, a Coalfield Resources spokesman said the company were no longer linked to UK Coal.

“As part of a widely publicised restructuring, Coalfield Resources no longer has any involvement in any of the mining businesses run by UK Coal.

Coalfield Resources now only has an active investment in Harworth Estates Property Group.

“As it is required, Coalfield Resources has approached its shareholders to allow it to raise funds in order to pay a bank loan and enable it to manage its investment in Harworth Estates Property Group.”