Man who lost teeth in horrific attack by ‘underage’ drinker calls for stricter ID checks at Worksop pubs

Tom Wowk took this picture shortly after the attack
Tom Wowk took this picture shortly after the attack

A devastated would-be pilot who lost teeth when he was viciously attacked by a suspected underage drinker on a night out says his job prospects are ‘ruined’ and is calling for stricter ID checks by Worksop door staff.

Aviation student Tom Wowk, 20, was back in Worksop from University on Good Friday and was enjoying casual drinks with friends at a Worksop town centre pub when the horrific assault took place.

Tom said: “The attack came out of nowhere - it was completely unprovoked, and has ruined any prospects of having job interviews when I graduate at the end of April as I don’t have any teeth.”

“I have reason to believe that the person who attacked me is underage, and I feel that this ongoing issue needs to be audited, evaluated and taken very seriously.”

“Underage drinkers should not be out in bars because they obviously cannot drink responsibly.”

“I will be commencing a criminal injury claim, but this won’t cover the costs time off work, anxiety in going out and the repair work to my teeth- all of which will have to come out of my own pocket.”

A spokesperson for Notts Police said: “Notts Police do a huge amount of work to prevent alcohol related anti-social behaviour and crime, whether it’s training bar staff or ensuring licensed businesses behave responsibly.”

“The police service and partners have a low tolerance to those who cause harm in our communities, and use a range of tactics to manage alcohol-related crime and disorder.”

The spokesperson added that no arrests had been made, but an investigation into the incident was ongoing.