Man jailed for theft of two beer cans

In Court
In Court

A Worksop man has been jailed by magistrates after stealing two cans of beer - worth £2.50 - from a local shop.

Martin Heath, of Low Town Close, was sentenced at Worksop Magistrates’ Court shortly after admitting the offence.

He had recently completed a prison sentence for shop theft.

The court heard how Heath, 33, entered B & M Bargains on Wednesday 26th June, and was seen on CCTV to take two cans of Holsten Super Strength lager under his jumper.

He then paid for a chocolate bar he had also picked up in the shop, and left without making any attempt to pay for the alcohol.

Magistrates were told that Heath had a ‘substantial history of dishonesty and shop thefts,’ with his most recent conviction coming as recently as May.

In mitigation, David Verity said his client had not committed ‘the crime of the century.’

He added: “When he came out of custody he had no settled accommodation, problems with benefits, and started to drink more than he knew he should.”

Magistrates heard how Heath had little recollection of the incident and told police he was drunk at the time during an interview, but admitted he was the figure on CCTV and had no intention of paying for the lager.

Sentencing, the bench said: “The nature of this offence, although low value, is aggravated by your poor record and recent release from custody.”

Heath was sentenced to four weeks in custody.