Maltby: Music night ends after bitter row

The Wesley Centre in Maltby
The Wesley Centre in Maltby
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A popular music night has ended its time at the Wesley Centre in Maltby after nearly 40 years of bringing live acts to the town.

And both sides involved in the fallout say the other is to blame for the situation, which has now seen the event go to Doncaster.

The crux of the issue is a breakdown in the relationship between event organiser Jonti Willis and the centre’s new chairman Rodney King after Mr King, who was a director at the time, said Mr Willis has behaved inappropriately at the club night on 28th June.

“I had an arrangement with the centre that on big nights with more expensive tickets, we would pay the centre £75 and for nights like our Friday for a Fiver events, we would pay them £20-£25 and the rest of the money taken in ticket sales would be used to pay the band,” said Mr Willis.

“On this night, it was Friday for a Fiver and we taken £147, so we agreed to pay the centre £25 and divide the rest between the six artists. Bur Mr King wanted £75 for the centre.

“We had a private word in the office, and things got a little heated, but I eventually got the money back and went to pay the artists.”

“Then, as we were packing away the sound system, Mr King came and started having another go at me and another argument ensued while people were still leaving the club.”

“I thought no more of it but then out of the blue, there was a board meeting on 9th September, at which Mr King said he’d had a complaint that I had been out of control and sworn in front of some children, all of which was not true and I got written statements from people saying the same.”

“But I still got a letter demanding a full apology or I would be barred from the club and I felt that meant I was being asked to apologise for something I hadn’t done.”

“More than that, I would also have been saying everyone who had submitted written statements backing me up had lied and that made my position untebnable.”

Mr King, however, says the problem is all with Mr Willis and that he is the reason The Rock has left Malby.

“This didn’t need to happen and we didn’t want it to happen but I’m afraid Mr Willis has caused it to happen and the problem is all with him,” he said.

“We are are licensed premises and we have standards and rules we have to adhere to at all times and Mr Willis did not do that.”

“He says he did none of the things he is accused of. Well I’m afraid he most definitely did and we had to take appropriate action.”

“We did not want The Rock to go and the reason it has is entirely because he chose to take it away.”

“He says I have a vendetta against him when I have nothing of the sort. I have no issues with anyone involved with the club, Mr Willis has been the only one making waves.”