Make parking ban permanent

MOST folk will have been over the moon when it was announced all parking is to be banned on Bridge Street and Bridge Place for six months.

This decision is long, long overdue, and when the six months is up the ban should be made permanent.

Cars shouldn’t be on these pedestrianised areas, they are a blasted hazard, and blue badge or no blue badge, a hazard is a hazard.

But this fact doesn’t seem to have got through to some of these blue badge holders, judging by last week’s letters pages.

They’re outraged and feel they are being persecuted.

I invite them to take a visit to any other town or city up and down the UK.

They would soon discover that this type of parking ban is the norm.

Worksop, once again, has been behind the times for far too long, but finally we’re being brought into line. Amen to that.

As a compromise these people are being allowed to park on double yellow lines instead.

So they might not be able to park on Bridge Street but they’ll be able to park a spitting distance away on Newcastle Street, Newcastle Avenue, Ryton Street, or Central Avenue.

Which means they’ll have about 20 yards further to walk than they would if they parked on the high street.

Is that really too big a problem?

They’re not being asked to complete a triathlon.

What else do they want?

To be carried aloft around town, shop to shop, in a diamond-encrusted armchair?

I have genuine sympathy for people with serious disabilities.

For instance, those who are unfortunate to be wheelchair-bound and face a daily struggle to get around.

But there are degrees of mobility difficulty and some of the people with badges could surely manage parking a little further away.

The authorities are partly to blame for this mess by handing out these blue badges like confetti, not to mention all the disability benefit which is wasted on people who shouldn’t really be getting it.

Parking restrictions are there for a reason - because parking in these areas creates problems.

Perhaps someone could tell me how a car with a blue badge in it is any less of an obstruction than one without.

Or am I being unfair?

Well, let me know. Your opinion is as important as mine after all!