Little lunch should fill biggest appetite

Little Lunch Co, Bridge Street, Worksop  (w110907-4a)
Little Lunch Co, Bridge Street, Worksop (w110907-4a)

There’s a new kid on the lunch block in Worksop.

The Little Lunch Co has just opened on Bridge Street, offering exactly what it says on the tin.

I normally bring my own packed lunch to work, but I decided to treat myself to a night off sandwich-making and see what kind of a little lunch I could buy instead.

The cafe is fairly basic, but clean and with plenty of staff to give the personal service that makes such a difference.

These days the world of sandwiches is many and varied and it can take half your lunch hour just trying to decide what to have.

The menu on the wall listed a variety of different breads to choose from, including salt and pepper bread.

I hadn’t heard of that before so I decided to give it a try.

Unfortunately they didn’t have any, so that was off the menu.

My second choice was ciabatta which seemed to confuse the assistant momentarily.

But after I’d pointed it out on the menu board she had no problem selecting the correct bread. Maybe it was the way I had pronounced it. Her customer service was excellent though, wanting to make sure the sandwich was exactly to my taste.

I chose mango chicken for the filling and she checked whether or not I wanted butter.

Then she asked if I would like salad, letting me pick and choose which items I wanted. I went for tomato, cucumber and lettuce which, together with a generous amount of chicken, made for a very filling ciabatta and was £2.30 well spent.

While my sandwich was being prepared I had a chance to look at what else was on offer in the chiller counter and I decided to try a boxed fruit salad for ‘pudding’ (£1.50).

This had apple, melon, strawberries, grapes and kiwi in and was refreshing. It was a good selection and there was plenty of it.

To drink I chose a hot chocolate with optional cream for £1.

The male assistant making hot drinks was equally enthusiastic about customer service, inviting me to put my own squirty cream on top of the hot chocolate to make sure it was exactly to my taste.

The whole lunch came to £4.80, which I thought was great value considering how it filled me up. It was also a healthy alternative to other fast food options.

There was a warm, friendly atmosphere about the place – which has earned it an extra star – and the menu also includes jacket potatoes, paninis and a good choice of sandwich fillings.

There are a few tables available for anyone who wants to sit in, or you can takeaway, like I did.

If they carry on looking after their customers like this, the Little Lunch Co could take a big slice of Worksop’s daytime food trade.

By Helen Johnston