Lincs: Police have launched its drink drive campaign which allows people to report drink drivers by text


Lincs Police have launched their Christmas drink and drug drive campaign.

This is part of the national campaign working directly with officers from the Nottingham Force as part of the East Midlands Operational Support Service.

Members of the public will be able to report a drink driver they know using a short code SMS text service.

Simply text the word DRINK to 80800 with details of the Vehicle, (registration) where the person will be drinking and when.

Police officers will use the information to stop, arrest and process the driver through the courts.

This is only to be used for non-emergency cases.

If members of the public see a drink or drug driver actually driving, they should treat it as an emergency and call 999.

Drivers are reminded that police will be carrying out roadside checks at all times of the day including the mornings.

This is to remind drivers that after a night out they can still find themselves over the legal drink drive limit the following day.

With the use of FIT (Field Impairment Test) officers will be testing drivers for the effects of drugs as well as drink during this campaign.

Police and Crime Commissioner Alan Hardwick has welcomed the campaign.

He said “In my view, any initiative to prevent the harm caused by alcohol is welcome.”

“I am a huge supporter of the text a drink driver campaign.”

“There is absolutely no excuse whatsoever for being in charge of a car, which is potentially a lethal weapon, having consumed excess alcohol.”

During last year’s festive drink drive campaign a total of 100 arrests were made in Lincolnshire with 74 people being charged with a drink driving offence.

There were eight collisions which resulted in injury where drinks or drugs were a contributory factor.

The hopes for this years campaign is that there are fewer arrests and prosecutions but to carry out more roadside checks and that the campaign dissuades drivers from drink driving.

The message the police want to send with this campaign is that it is not only the police who are looking out for you but now friends and family may want to use the text number to protect you from harm.

And also if you cannot think of the harm you cause, think of your own family and the loss they will suffer should something happen to you.

Arrests have already started to be made during this year’s campaign.