Landlord fined after loud pub noise made neighbours’ lives a misery

Vine Inn, Churchgate, Retford
Vine Inn, Churchgate, Retford

A Retford pub landlord has been hit with a hefty fine for breaching noise orders.

Kenneth Hunt, of the Vine Inn, Churchgate, Retford, pleaded guilty to breaching noise abatement notices and the terms of his Premise Licence.

He was fined £2,000 and ordered to pay a victim surcharge of £120 and costs of £3,171.50.

Mansfield Magistrates’ Court heard Bassetlaw District Council investigated a number of complaints about excessive noise from the pub,

Hunt, aged 59, was served a warning letter, but, following further complaints, was served with an noise abatement notice.

However, when council environmental health officers visited to check it was being honoured, they found the volume of the music was so loud it would disturb the sleep of nearby residents.

Officers also found music was being played both inside and outside the venue, breaching Hunt’s Premise Licence, which only allowed the playing of live and recorded music inside.

They also found a rear gate was being used as an access to the pub, breaching the Licence condition for it to only be used as an emergency exit.

Hunt admitted two breaches of the noise notice, two breaches of his Premise Licence and acting not in accordance with his Premise Licence, in June and July.

Magistrates told Hunt he should be “embarrased” to appear in court.

They said they had considered every option “including taking your licence away or suspending it”, but were “being extremely lenient”.

Magistrates told him: “We have considered the fact you have been a licensee for many years and have a good reputation.

“Going forward you must ensure you are aware of the conditions.

“Respond quickly to any breaches in the future.

“In effect, make sure you set a proper example.”