Know your limits when drink is involved

Are you a plonker when it comes to drink? Does a glass of red turn you into the sort of person Del Boy would utter his immortal line to? When plonk turns even the most mild mannered person into a plonker, violence and antisocial behaviour often follow.

Some of my colleagues started the month by attending Paddy Tipping’s alcohol conference. It focussed on the links between alcohol misuse and its impact on crime.

We see too much of this when we police our town centres, trying to ensure people can socialise safely. What is often interesting is that the aggressive, violent yob that we might lock up for starting a fight is often meak, mild mannered and apologetic the morning after. In the midst of a heat wave, when more of us will be inclined to go out for a drink I’d like everyone to think twice about how they want their evening to end. I’m betting it’s not in a police cell or hospital bed.

There has been some fantastic work going on in Worksop Town Centre, particularly ensuring the venues you go into are properly licensed and drug free. Our priority isn’t to ruin your night but to keep you safe. In the next few weeks our roads policing team will be visiting Bridge Street and the surrounding area to show a hard hitting drink drive film on a huge screen. If you do go out drinking please don’t go anywhere near the driving seat of your car. It just isn’t worth it. So as you enjoy your alcohol please make sure you know your limits and don’t give way to antisocial behaviour.