Jubilee safety plea

Worksop South West beat team PC Jason Crofts and PCSO Jaime Shaw
Worksop South West beat team PC Jason Crofts and PCSO Jaime Shaw

We all love a heat wave, and with a bit of care we can enjoy the Jubilee weekend in the sun without it turning into a mini crime wave.

While patrolling the streets recently we’ve noticed several houses with downstairs windows wide open, and unattended cars with the windows still down.

We’ve also seen a number of pedal bikes left insecure outside shops, as the rider has nipped inside.

For some, that’s an invitation too good to resist.

Let’s enjoy the long weekend, hopefully with glorious weather but with the peace of mind that our property is secure.

Be especially careful to lock house doors and leave windows on locks - even if you’re only in the back garden.

It takes just seconds for a thief to ruin the Jubilee party.

Check car windows and sun roofs are closed when you park - and don’t leave anything inviting on display.

And always secure your unattended bicycle to something that is fixed to the ground.

As ever, we’ll keep an eye out to look after you and your homes, and will also be targeting those who are riding mini-motos and motorcycles in an antisocial and dangerous manner.

It’s been a problem recently, and if we catch people the penalties can be severe. Only last week a 21-year-old local lad was given a month in prison for driving such a bike whilst disqualified and without insurance, after a resident spotted him on Queensway and gave us a ring.

There’s no problem with riding these bikes - provided you’re insured, and you ride within the law. We’ve linked in with the Force helicopter and the off-road team to try and tackle this and other antisocial problems.

You can help by ringing us or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 with information about where these vehicles are being stored so we can seize them and prevent someone being injured.

Now enjoy that sunshine - and keep safe.