John Mann says Worksop is heading for another drugs crisis

John Mann MP
John Mann MP

Drugs will always be around, they always have been, writes John Mann, MP for Bassetlaw.

But the situation in Worksop 15 years ago was extraordinary, with hundreds addicted to heroin.

Working together, the people of the town got on top of that problem, not eliminating it, but by stopping vast numbers of potential future addicts experimenting with heroin, getting needles under control and treating addicts through the NHS.

As I have previously warned, a new crisis is emerging with drugs like spice and mamba.

Worksop has seen town centre problems, greatly worsened by a reduced police presence and problem drinking throughout the day.

Now everyone is beginning to see what I warned about when the drug service was privatised and the GPs removed, which is the growth of serious problem drug use, with needles now starting to be a problem again.

The doctors, angry at losing the contracts to provide a drug service have acted professionally and pragmatically and supported the privatised services, helping to avert some of the chaos.

But the random discarding of needles is starting to re-emerge and prompt action in now needed to close this problem down again.

Of course, there are serious financial problems, but small groups of problematic drug users camping out and creating mini centres of focus for chaotic drug use is something the authorities must cooperate together on to eradicate.

If not, we will see public health problems for the community grow.

I have just had a successful result with someone being plagued by cold callers on the phone.

I managed to get financial compensation for the person whose life was being made a misery by the continuous phone calls.

If this is a problem that you are experiencing and you know the name of the company, please let me know and I will happily take this up on your behalf.