Jeremy Hunt to Mann MP: “We have not got our act together” on European health costs

John Mann
John Mann

In Parliament this week the secretary of state for health Jeremy Hunt admitted to Bassetlaw MP John Mann that the Government has “not got its act together” in addressing the huge discrepancy in health costs paid by the UK to other European countries.

A Parliamentary question from Mr Mann in March revealed that the UK paid out £674 million to European countries for their health costs last year – but received only £49 million in return.

John Mann said: “My campaign to ensure that we get a fair deal from other European countries on health costs is basic common sense. At the moment we are not claiming back the money we are owed and it is the NHS which suffers.”

“Sorting this scandal out in itself would transform the financial situation of the NHS.”

“This is money that should be going directly back into our health system and it would make a huge annual difference to its finances.”

“It is staggering that Mr Hunt can stand in the House of Commons and shamelessly admit that his Government has failed to get its act together.”