Jail and drug treatment for Bulwell thief

Court latest
Court latest

A Bulwell man who went on a month-long shoplifting spree has been locked up for 28 weeks.

John Podgorksi stole £22 of meat and wine from Iceland, Bulwell, on April 12, £89 of groceries and computer equipment from Tesco, Top Valley, on April 13, £100 of games consoles on April 21, and £149 of games consoles on April 26, from Tesco, Carlton.

He helped himself to £400 of power tools and £250 of cosmetics from Wilkinsons, Bulwell, on April 29, £235 of cosmetics and culinary items from Wilkinsons, Bulwell, on May 1, and £109 of toys from Boots, Nottingham on May 16.

He assaulted a man and stole £166 of power tools from Wilkinsons, Bulwell, on May 8, and on May 17, 25 and 31 he failed to appear at court.

Podgorski, 35, of St Alban’s Road, admited the thefts and the assault, and failing to attend probation appointments on May 10 and July 27.

On August 11, Nottingham magistrates ordered him to undergo six months of treatment for drug dependency and pay £550 compensation.