Italy, America and a zip wire ride- Daughter wants to help fun-loving Retford mum tick off bucket list after cancer diagnosis

Georgie Muirhead pictured with her mum Angie Longmate.
Georgie Muirhead pictured with her mum Angie Longmate.

A Retford woman is determined to honour her mum’s “incredible zest for life” by helping her tick off her bucket list after she was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer.

Georgie Muirhead has already raised more than £1,800 for her brave mum Angie Longmate, who received the shocking diagnosis in February.

The funds will allow Angie to “live the life she thought she had the time to experience”- she’s hoping to visit Italy, America, Russia to name a few.

The fun-loving 58-year-old also wants to see Ed Sheeran in concert, rally drive and ride on a zip wire.

Georgie said: “I thought I’d have a lifetime to spend making memories with my mum, but now it’s been cut short.

“I’ve never asked for anything in life, but I’m asking for help now and will look to pay this forward in the future.

“We are not a wealthy family and never could have imagined we would experience this in our lives but it’s happening.”

Angie, who has two children and four granchildren and has been married to Gordon for 41 years, previously cared for mentally ill and elderly adults and led a healthy and active life before diagnosis.

She will commence radiotherapy for six weeks in an effort to keep the brain tumour at a manageable size.

However, there will come a point where treatment is no longer viable.

Georgie added: “The key is we stay positive together as a family and make memories to last each generation of our precious little world.

“We would like to take this time to thank you for your support and helping us live life together, laugh and smile.”

You can donate at:

The Go Fund Me page originally aimed to raise £1,000 but his surpassed that target by more than £800 with help from well-wishers.