Is that was you call gratitude?

WHEN the new skate park on the Canch opened last week I thought to myself – how many months before it is vandalised by yobs.

Well it turns out that assumption was wrong, because it actually was only a matter of days, not months, before the brand spanking new facility was damaged and defiled by hooligans.

That must be some sort of record, even around here.

The place looks like a bombsite already.

So far turf has been ripped up, the structure damaged and daubed and defaced with graffiti, covered in litter, and there has also been reports of violent assaults and scuffles.

That is what thanks you get from the spoilt, ungrateful, feral youths of Worksop for spending £160,000 of tax payers money on them.

Lord knows how much more cash YOU AND ME will have to fork out to clean up after these brainless vandals.

Not to mention the cost of hiring a warden to keep a constant eye on the skate park, as well as CCTV, and further repairs when the same thing inevitably happens again.

The skate park seems destined to be nothing but a haemorrhage that will bleed the council’s coffers dry.

Not only that but this place has become a magnet for maniacs on BMXs racing around nearby pavements forcing innocent pedestrians to dive into the road for safety.

The whole thing should be bulldozed and replaced with a nice green space that the majority of us can enjoy, or some extra swings and slides for the little kiddies.

Once again the police seem helpless to do anything to stop these rampaging youths.

One outraged member of the public suggested on Facebook this week that Natonal Service should be brought back.

I couldn’t agree more. Maybe then these yobs would learn a bit of discipline and respect.

And if I had my way anyone caught graffiting should have their faces sprayed lurid and luminous colours so that we all know who they are.

I would also give them a sandblatser and make them go round erasing the horrible mess they have made.

Surely this sorry and all too predictable affair should finally send a message to the council not to waste OUR hard earned cash on these skate parks.

If kids want a skate park let them save and fundraise and pay for it themselves.