Inquest into death of 10-year-old boy hit by car

THE PARENTS of a 10-year old Retford boy killed in a car accident wept as the driver of the car recalled the moment she hit him.

Pensioner Sheila Kemp, 72, sobbed as she told Notts Coroners' Court how she hit Dion Smith, of River Close in Retford, with her Honda Jazz on 10th November last year.

"It was a split second I just could not believe anything like that could happen so quickly," she said.

PC Colin Hutson, who arrived on the scene at Tiln Lane, Retford, told the court that he thought Dion's dog pulled him into the road and into the path of the car.

No charges were brought against Mrs Kemp.

Notts Coroner Dr Nigel Chapman, concluded Dion died of multiple injuries.

"I can't imagine the horror of losing a 10 year old child," he said.

Dr Chapman recorded a verdict of accidental death.