Inconsiderate drivers

Worksop South-East Beat Team (w120322-9)
Worksop South-East Beat Team (w120322-9)

No one likes to be late but it is becoming common for those catching the bus in the Manton area to be delayed thanks to inconsiderate motorists.

We mentioned this issue at the junction of Radford Street and Shrewsbury Road in one of our previous columns, but our warnings have gone unheeded. We have now been forced to take positive action to remedy it.

The area has become a popular hang-out for local youths and there have been numerous occasions where buses and other vehicles have been unable to get through due to illegal parking.

In some cases, large vehicles have stopped in the middle of the road, blocking the highway completely. Along with traffic disruption, the vehicles blocking the road cause disturbances to residents when they are revved and driven off-road.

We have increased patrols and together with Bassetlaw Council are issuing tickets to cars stopped or parked illegally. This will be their first warning. A second strike will mean the seizure of the vehicle.

We are also working with the council to secure CCTV cameras for the area in a bid to deter this behaviour.

In other news, we also have off-road nuisance in Windmill Lane. We urge residents to report incidents to us immediately and if you know who the culprits are get in touch.

A car stolen from Langold was abandoned and burnt out at the Top Pit. This is irresponsible and dangerous as fire can quickly spread to homes and puts lives at risk. Offenders prosecuted for fires in which people die can face a life sentence.

We also charged a local Manton lad with a number of burglaries at businesses in the town centre.

Finally, PC Jonathan Thompson was feeling fruity at the Big Day Out at Clumber Park on 28th July.

For the event, which encourages young people to get involved in health and fitness, he donned a banana costume to promote healthy eating. It was such a hot day he was more like a roast banana by the end of it. Good on you Jon.