Inch loss all wrapped up

Pictured is manager Sue Hammond at Ladies Fitness and Wellness in Worksop  (w120521-4)
Pictured is manager Sue Hammond at Ladies Fitness and Wellness in Worksop (w120521-4)
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BEING wrapped in clay-soaked bandages, cling film, tin foil and a furry blanket might not sound like the most fun way to spend half an hour of your time.

But if you’re looking for a quick fix to get you into your holiday swimsuit, then it could be time well spent.

The Isis Body Wrap promises to help you lose inches from around your tummy and thighs by detoxing you.

It is now available in Worksop at Ladies Fitness and Wellness, on Bridge Street, where site manager Sue Hammond invited me to try it out.

The wrap guarantees to help you lose at least six inches in total, from the various measurements taken around your body, and last for 30 days.

Sue said: “We get a lot of ladies in who want to have a wrap before a special occasion, such as if they’re going on holiday or want to get into their little black dress.”

“Some book a course of wraps to get the maximum benefits, but then you get to the point where you are ‘wrapped out’ and won’t lose any more.”

She said the wraps did not remove fat but took toxins out of the system.

“I remember having a lady who was a heavy smoker and when I was unwrapping her I was nearly coughing with the smell of the nicotine coming out,” said Sue.

“Then I had another lady who ate a lot of curries and I could smell spices on her. There was also a lady having radiotherapy and I remember a lot of heat coming off her as I unwrapped her.”

There is a choice of two wraps at LFW - I had the tummy and thighs, or you can just have the tummy.

I wore a bikini, or you can take along a change of underwear. Sue also advised me to bring a book to read while I was sitting in the wrap.

I had to fill in a short health questionnaire, then Sue made marks on my body as she took my measurements.

The wrap goes from just above the knees to under the bust and she took measurements at various points, including my waist, thighs and rib cage.

The bandages are kept in a special ‘oven’ where they are soaked in the clay solution and gently warmed.

Fifteen bandages are applied in layers.

I felt a bit self-conscious but Sue was very quick at the wrapping and reassured me about my body hang-ups.

The bandages were fairly tight, but not uncomfortable, and Sue put clingfilm over them to stop them slipping.

As I sat down, rather awkwardly, in the chair, Sue tucked a tin foil blanket round me to keep me warm. She followed this with a furry blanket to wrap around my bare shoulders.

I was left on my own with my book - bliss - while the solution worked its magic, but Sue kept checking on me.

After half an hour it was time to be unwrapped and re-measured.

I lost half an inch on my waist, bottom and hips, quarter of an inch from under my bust and around my lower thighs and an inch from my rib cage.

My skin felt tighter and very soft and that lasted for several days.

For details of prices and more information call Sue at Ladies Fitness and Wellness on 501050.