I will do my very best to help you out

John Mann is celebrating 10 years as an MP (w110610-3b)
John Mann is celebrating 10 years as an MP (w110610-3b)

Since becoming MP for Bassetlaw in 2001 I’m continually approached by constituents asking for help on all of sorts issues.

This is the work I regard as most important and this is why I try to make my contact details as accessible as possible to Bassetlaw residents. I will always assist whenever I can and it’s always great when there is a successful outcome.

So you have a clearer idea about the work I do I want to give you some examples of the successes over recent months. I have been able to get £9,000 of PPI payments refunded to a Shireoaks resident; another person from Worksop got £5,400 back and someone from Hallcroft got a re-payment of £11,500.

Unlike the disgusting claims handling companies who keep up to 25 per cent of the re-payments for themselves I do this for free.

I managed to win an appeal against a tax credit overpayment demand which let a Worksop woman keep the £750 they wanted back.

When Bassetlaw residents received bills for tax underpayments many came to see me I won 99 per cent of the cases. For example, a man in Harworth and a woman in Retford both had a debts of £2,500 cleared and Worksop man had his £1,700 bill wiped out.

I take greatest pleasure from the successes that could be life changing such as the Retford woman who has now got another cycle of IVF treatment, the Worksop student who got her student loan payments sorted out and the Worksop couple whose bank agreed to replace the deeds for their house that they had lost.

Other issues are more simple to sort but are just as important such as the Retford man fed up with dog fouling outside his property, the elderly Carlton woman with the broken boiler and a Langold resident who experienced too long a wait for their blue badge.

I could not achieve these without my hardworking staff and their commitment to doing their best for the people of Bassetlaw is commendable. If you have an issue that you want to contact me about please phone 01909 506200 or email mannj@parliament.uk. I can’t guarantee success for everyone but I can promise that I will try my very best for you.

If you are a member of Doncaster & Bassetlaw Foundation Trust you should have received a ballot paper to elect new members to its Board.

I will be voting for Hazel Brand because I worked closely with her whilst she was employed at the Doncaster and Bassetlaw Hospitals. I trust her judgment and experience and believe that she will serve Bassetlaw residents well.