I want YOUR views on gay marriage

John Mann is celebrating 10 years as an MP (w110610-3b)
John Mann is celebrating 10 years as an MP (w110610-3b)

I am not very clear why the Prime Minister has decided to rush into a vote on gay marriage in Parliament next week.

His proposal looks to be an attempt to please everyone and will therefore please no one.

However there is a vote and I would like to know your views on the matter. Are you in favour or not? To have your say please go onto my website at www.johnmannmp.com

Mr Cameron is also talking a lot about Europe, but without any real clarity in my view.

He promises to renegotiate our role within the European Union, but on analysis of the detail he also saying that we must not leave the Single European Market.

It is the Single Market that is responsible for 95 per cent of the legislation that comes from Brussels, creating an equivalent market in each country.

Therefore we had decimalisation rather than pounds, single standards for food, products, cars and lorries and so on.

Crucially the Single Market means free movement of labour, goods and capital.

Some people point to Norway as a country that’s doing well on the outside of the European Union. What they do not realise is that Norway is part of the Single Market.

It therefore has to sign up to everything - it is take it or leave it situation and this includes the controversial matter of migration. Norway therefore has the highest immigration in Europe relative to its population.

Meanwhile, Mr Cameron wants to remove employment standards, on holidays and pay that will allow even more undercutting of British jobs and wages.

I want exactly the opposite, I’m calling for a Referendum on giving us back control over our own borders and stopping the undercutting of wages by agencies and others.

The elephant in the room is immigration and Mr Cameron’s proposals will continue to allow the free movement of European nationals coming to the UK as and when they wish.

But the situation will be made even worse if his proposals result in us losing our veto.

Currently we can veto Turkey and Russia from joining the Single Market.

If we give away this veto, then like Norway, we will be stuck with far greater immigration and have no controls over it.

I think that this position is contradictory and plain daft.

Lets strengthen the rights of British workers, give them priority over jobs and housing, rather than pretending that we will be better off with more cheap labour entering the country every year.