I want to see all Britain’s railways re-nationalised

John Mann MP
John Mann MP

This week, the East Coast Mainline returned to public ownership with the state to run the line until 

This is the second time the franchise has had to be handed back and when it was recently being run by the state the line was in profit.

I think many of us predicted this outcome and I called for East Coast Mainline to be allowed to bid for the franchise.

But political dogma beat common sense.

The trains and stations will be re-branded again, this time into LNER (London, North Eastern Railway) colours at a cost £8 million from the public purse.

All staff will remain in place and any existing bookings under the Virgin ticketing system will be honoured.

Northern Rail has been a complete shambles for its passengers for the last few weeks.

The disruption to their timetable has had a big impact on Bassetlaw services.

Last week, Great Northern admitted that disruptions to its new timetable has delayed the implementation of a second train per hour for Retford and Worksop.

Improving transport links in and out of Bassetlaw is vital and I call on Northern Rail to sort itself out and deliver better services for our area.

The sooner the whole train network is re-nationalised the better.

Travellers and commuters need reliability, clean trains, flexibility and low-cost tickets and these cannot be achieved when the priority is to make huge profits.

The Bassetlaw food bank is again requesting donations.

Unfort-unately, this is a time of year when demands are high and donations are low.

This week, volunteers are asking for tinned potatoes, Smash, tinned macaroni, ravioli, spaghetti hoops, tinned carrots, tinned sweetcorn, tinned cold meats, stuffing, UHT milk, coffee, soap, shampoo and washing up liquid.

In addition to this, the food bank is also desperately short on jam and dilute squash.

If you are able to donate anything please stop by my office on Stanley Street in Worksop and I will take it to the food bank.