I need your help with my new inquiry

John Mann is celebrating 10 years as an MP (w110610-3b)
John Mann is celebrating 10 years as an MP (w110610-3b)

This is your last opportunity to register your opposition to the plans to close our ambulance station.

If you haven’t signed the petition already then please do so by going onto my website at www.johnmannmp.com.

If there are any more petitions out there please ring my office on 01909 506200 so that they can be collected and submitted and thank you everybody for all your hard work and support in this campaign.


In January I am reconvening my heroin inquiry panel to look at drugs and alcohol.

I will be seeking the views on the public on this and I am keen to have any evidence you have about drugs and heroin.

I need your evidence about the spread of MCAT in our area and elsewhere and especially its use by young people and your views on alcohol and whether we need major changes on access to alcohol and the so called night-time economy.

Did you use to go out in Worksop on a night and no longer do so? Do you favour late night openings until 5am? Do you work in the hospital and have to deal with alcohol related problems in the early hours?

These are all issues about the choices available to us and about how we spend public money on street cleaning, on hospitals and on the police.

As before, all evidence that is submitted will be regarded as confidential unless you decide to go public.

What the panel intends to do is to take a long hard look at the issues and if there is agreement then come up with some practical proposals. I do not pre judge what they may be, we will be undoubtedly more effective if everyone has their say.


I am pleased to see that the council is re-looking at its new house building strategy to see whether any of its own land can be built on.

I hope that this will also look at county council land and whether bungalows could be built on any of the sites.

In particular I think it vital that we do not concentrate all new housing in out of town areas and end up with no new housing and regeneration and community development on our big older estates.

Some areas do need further regeneration in the near future, including new house building and it is important not to close off the opportunity today.