‘I knew I had done nothing wrong’ - Owner

Carlton Forest Kennels, Blyth Road, Worksop
Carlton Forest Kennels, Blyth Road, Worksop

BASSETLAW Council is to increase annual inspections at Carlton Forest Kennels and change the reclaim fee payment system for dog owners.

The move comes after the RSPCA launched a major probe into the kennels, owned by Pamela Denton, following allegations of malpractice.

The investigation was prompted after more than 6,000 people joined the Justice for Barney campaign group - created by Worksop dog owner Tiffanie Reynolds after her experience at the kennels.

This week Bassetlaw Council officials held a meeting with campaign group representatives and said ‘lessons had been learnt’.

Director of community services Mark Ladyman said: “It has taken this long to resolve this situation because we wanted to get it right.”

“The inspection found that the kennels were in good working order, and we received asmuch positive feedback as we did concerns .”

“Its now a matter of taking this forward and making sure the quality of service people receive is excellent both in terms of dog welfare and customer service.”

The council confirmed it will now increase inspections at the kennels from annual to quarterly with immediate effect.

It will also change the system for paying reclaim fees, with owners now paying the £41 release fee (plus daily kennelling charge) at Bassetlaw Council’s offices from Monday to Friday.

Said Mr Ladyman: “People find it difficult when they have to pay £41 for their dog which puts Pamela in the invidious position of having to charge people to give them back.”

“Moving the payment system to the council office will take the confrontational situation away and help to create a better service.”

He added: “Regardless of what people think of Miss Denton she does love dogs and has a particular view on people’s responsibility for their dogs.”

But Justice for Barney group representatives Sharon Seaman and Debbie Charlesworth raised concerns about Miss Denton’s conduct towards customers.

“Our worry is that if she talks to people like that using such foul language, how would she treat an animal?” said Sharon.

“The way Miss Denton has run the kennels has been very lax, and the council needs to work hard to improve customer service.”

“However we are happy that these changes are going to be made in terms of the increased inspections and changes to the payment system. It doesn’t take away what happened to Barney, but hopefully it will help change things for the better.”